Monday, August 4, 2008

The Ham Sandwich Show

This Saturday, AUG 9th, is a group art show at Red Hot Robot in Phoenix featuring the art of my friend Scott Tolleson, my brother Greg, and myself. We will have lots of exclusive items on hand, prints, toys, and free food and drink. I am having some Carrot Shake Jakes flown in for the show so anyone who goes will be the very first to have them! ALSO! I have been in the garage alot lately creating "Tinky". He's made out of bass wood and hand painted by me. I will have 4 of each version available for purchase at the show. It should be a great night...hope to see you there!!!


Kei Acedera said...

Hey Gary!! These monkeys look so sweet! The show sounds like a lot of fun too, we wish we could go!!
I'm bummed we didn't get the chance to hang out or talk during San Diego--I wanted to pick up a Carrot Shake Jake from you personally, but whenever I went by your booth , you weren't there..or when you were there, I couldn't stop by!..
anyway I hope you had a great time, I LOVE your 2 pieces in Dean's book!!! Really really nice :)
Take care for now!hope to see you next time!

Alina Chau said...


SteveLambe said...

Those are friggin fantastic, Gary! Nice work.

j. said...

Holy SOCKS! YOu made these?!
How big are they! I love 'em both but especially the pink tiger/monkey. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...