Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playtime toy collaboration

Several weeks back I was looking at the talented Alberto Cerriteno's flickr and he had a post about having no response from toy companies for a toy idea he had. When I saw it, I instantly knew how I would make it out of wood, so I contacted Alberto about a collaboration. He loved the idea and trusted me with how I would translate his design in wood.

Alberto then painted it in only the way he can and it turned out amazing! This cool cat is 6.75" to the tip of his highest ear and 7.25" to the top of his tail. I am very proud of our collaborative effort. To view more of Alberto's art visit his blog

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Raffle Has Ended!!!

Thank you to all that participated in the raffle! Be sure to watch Toy Break episode 98 for the drawing. I will post it on here and e-mail all who entered so you can watch them hopefully pull your ticket! If you miss the toy break episode, I will be e-mailing you all with the results a couple days after the toy break episode airs.

If your ticket is not pulled and you really want to be the proud owner of a Morsel, don't worry....Morsels will be going up for sale soon for $225 each starting with Chocomint on November 5th.

The other Morsels will be released throughout the year, starting with Chocomint releasing on November 5, 2009 at noon. Chocomint is a limited edition of 5 made.