Friday, February 22, 2008

Sneak Peak!

Fresh from the painter, here is a sneak peak of Carrot Shake Jake. He's on a plane now , on his way to China. Have a safe trip Jake, may you have many offspring upon your return!


moultenlava said...

Great stuff, Gary! Shakey-shake!

Jav said...

haha! wow... super nice Gary!
oh how i love sculptures....
nice design

Tapan Gandhi said...


Unknown said...

very cooool! I'm hoping to have my first toy for SD Comicon this year. Perhaps we could swap!

Daniel Davis said...

Awesome Gary!

This is fantastic and looks just like your terrific art!

krakit said...

I saw some photos of Jake
in October Toy's forum for
the Paniks Toy contest and
I thought I missed the chance
of buying him. I really want
one. I hope plenty of babies
make it back.