Monday, July 28, 2008

Comic-con is over :(

The San Diego Comic Con has come and gone. It's always a blast, but of course there are always regrets of things I didn't purchase or do. This year I regret having not been more social. So many familiar and new faces and I wish I had gotten over my shy nature and gotten out and talked more. Seemed this year was lots of walk by hello's and long distance waves and smiles. You know who you are! lol...KEI!

I have a twin brother and often worry that when he's walking the floor he might unknowingly snub someone that thinks he's me. I heard many stories of people approaching him thinking he was me that turned out good, but I also wonder if there are people that thought I totally blew them off, something I would never do. I'm shy, but not rude. I always appreciate the people who stop by and especially the ones who make the far travels to be there and say hello. Marty and friends always make the far trek from Japan and this year Matt Pott came all the way from TASMANIA!

I boothed again with Dean Yeagle and Scott Tolleson and couldn't ever ask for better booth mates. These are two sketches I did for Dean's new book that was released during comic con. The book features many great artists doing their takes on his iconic "Mandy". To purchase this great book, go here

I can't wait till next year!!!


Unknown said...

Hi Gary,

THanks for writing on my blog. Hope to see you next year at SDCC!! Cheers!

lumboads said...

It was great! See you next year.

Mitchel Kennedy said...

Your artwork is AWESOME. Those chicks are SEXY.

Being shy sucks. I have extreme shyness, and it sucks. Don't be shy, and you'll be a happier person! That's my advice.

That and KEEP DRAWING because your rock my socks!

jnjr said...

Hi Gary!

You were awesome at comic-con! I was new to all of it, but I gotta say, you were definitely one of my faves -- I'm a HUGE fan.

Hope to see you next year!


PS. I'm taking great care of Carrot Shake Jake :) THANKS!

Joseph Lee said...

Great illustrations! Love it!

Justin said...

These are beauties Gary!

Unknown said...

It was Great to finally meet you this year Gary. If ever your down my way be sure to say Hello and we will go out for a drink! :)