Sunday, November 28, 2010

Punk, Carrot bombs, and Rain OH MY!

If you like shirts and Carrot Shake Jake, then do I have the thing for you! I had several different tee designs screen printed for men, women, and infants! Limited quantities available. Please visit my online store for more photos and information.

2 shirts for $32 if you use code "2for32" at check out.


Stitches and Glue said...

Man, I love your work! Been try to access your email address via the link but it doesn't appear to be working? Do you ever get the spare time to do commisions? Also do you think you would be able to get one of your amazing bats to the UK before christmas?

GaryGepetto said...

Hey Paul! I'm a fan of your work too. Very sorry the e-mail link did not work. Was that on this blog or somewhere else? E-mail me at superham74 at and I'll get right back to you.