Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hermees is coming!

Get Ready, Get set, Go Bats!

Hermees is my second self produced vinyl toy. He stands 8" tall with a wing span of 12" and has 8 points of articulation(head, snout, wings, hands, and feet)Edition size of 200. Hermees can be tamed and in your hands for $45.

Hermees is a trickster and international traveler. He's developed quite the reputation and depending on where his journey's take him, he could bring luck, happiness, longevity, disease, or even . . .

Due to hit stores in early January. But, I did put a few in my store that I can ship to you priority in time for x-mas.

Distributed by DKE Toys.


yai said...

I think i sent you a comment or something some time ago, but im not sure because i may have been thinking about doing it and never did it. the thing is that i want to make vynil toys and i have tons of ideas, and i would like to make a collaboration since i love what you do and i also live in phoenix.
please say hi in my email and i can send you examples of my work or my sketchbook or my portfolio or whatever if you want to meet one day too it would be awesome. im really interested in working with you! :D
please say hi, mr awesome ham

Mercedes said...

I love Hermees! Is there only one colorway for him?